Tiny Houses

Tiny Houses in the Forrest, generated by Midjourney.com

I love these Tiny Houses that are in the woods and offer a homey place in a small space. One of my favorite picture books is Cabins (if you live in Germany, feel free to use this link to buy the book if you're interested, it's my local bookseller, no affiliate link!), where a lot of such concepts are pictured.

Now I have used Midjourney to generate such houses once and I am thrilled.

By the way, I created the prompt using AIPRM and a template for Midjourney prompts in ChatGPT. Here is the complete prompt:

/imagine prompt:A modern Tiny house in the forest, with a rough and rugged wooden facade, surrounded by dense trees and a small stream flowing through the woods. The house has a red roof and is surrounded by moss and climbing plants, giving it a hidden appearance. The house is small but cozy and has a smoking chimney: it looks like the perfect place to hide from the world. / With a golden sunset shining through the treetops, the sun rays casting a warm hue over the forest. / The mood is peaceful and calm. The air is fresh, and the forest is quiet except for the soothing sound of the stream and the singing birds in the distance. / Photography (wide-angle lens), capturing the house from a low angle to emphasize the size of the trees and capture the warm colors of the sunset. The camera settings are tuned to natural colors and contrasts to enhance the atmosphere of the scene. --ar 16:9 --v 4

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